Buying Generic Drugs – A Way to Cut Your Medical Budget

Buying Generic Drugs

Buying Generic Drugs, Getting sick can give you a lot of problems, not just for your health but financially as well. Drugs have become more expensive nowadays and there are a lot of people who cannot afford what the doctors would prescribe.

Just years ago, the government implemented the Generic Drug Act. This act is for the pharmacist to supply patients with information regarding whether there are other alternatives to what the doctor prescribes. Those alternatives are the generic drugs which cost much less than the branded drugs.

What is a generic drug?

First of all a general name is the chemical name of the drug. All branded drugs have a common name. Generic medicines do not carry a proprietary name, just the generic name and the company that manufactured the drug.

Why is the generic drug cheaper than branded drugs?

General medicines are cheaper because they’re no longer protected by patents and so more than one company can produce them and they don’t have to pay any licenses for the drug to its original manufacturer/developer. Branded medicines cost more because they’re exclusive to one manufacturer and also because of advertising and promotion costs.

Are branded drugs better than generic drugs?

Branded drugs and generic drugs are basically the same; same ingredients, same amount of ingredients, and the same process. It’s a common misconception that branded are better than generic, but the effect of both medications would be the same.

So now you know about general drugs. But before going to your nearest pharmacist, know the following information:

Before Buying Generic Drugs, Check your prescription. In your prescription, your doctor can list the general drug, but will typically write the prescription for the brand name of the medication. If your doctor writes or checks ‘dispense as written’ on the prescription, then the pharmacist cannot substitute the generic equivalent. If you want the option of the common medication, you must make sure your doctor allows for it when writing the prescription.

Check the dosage form of the drug. The dosage forms of the drug are capsule, tablet, syrup, suspension, suppository, etc. You will see this at the instruction to the patient or “Signatura” written by the doctor. For example, take one capsule three times a day. So the dosage form of your drug is a capsule.

Check the dose of the drug. The dose of the drug can be seen at the inscription or the body of the prescription where you would see the name of the drug and its strength. For example, 10mg capsule #12. So the dose of your drug is 10mg. In some cases, the generic may not be available in the dose listed on the prescription.

When buying generic drugs medication, your pharmacist should know the alternatives that are available. Remember that you should ensure that the dosage form and the dose of the drug you will buy is the same as the one prescribed by your doctor. Don’t worry – your pharmacist will help you with the information that you need. Don’t be shy to ask more information or help.