The Most Dangerous and Common Addiction

The Most Dangerous and Common Addiction

Addiction- The development

The development of addiction usually starts when someone performs an action which brings pleasure alleviates pain. Whether it is drugs, surfing the internet, shopping at the mall, or playing video games, addiction brings about pleasure which helps avoid the pain. Because of the positive feedback loop of this process, the person is more likely to keep repeating it.

Furthermore, as the effects of the drug/behavior are reduced, the addicts become more tolerant and the more dependent on the behavior/drug. This leads the addict to crave more and more in order to reach the desired effect. Since their main focus is to feed their addiction, the addicts’ performance in areas such as school, work, and relationships drops dramatically. Keep in mind that many common behaviors are addictive, but not all of them lead to developing a problem.

Characteristics of addiction behavior:

Reinforcement- Addictive behavior is reinforced because of the emotional and physical pleasure we receive, which means that all of negative emotions disappear

Loss of control- As the individual craves the need of that certain thing that satisfies their wants, they lose self-control as they cannot block the impulse to do it.

Escalation-Since the body becomes more immune to the drug. the addict will crave more and more in order to reach the desirable effect.

Negative consequences – poor performance in school or work, problems with relationships and health, as well as financial troubles; despite all that, the addict will continue on this self-destructive path.

“What once started as a seemingly innocent way of feeling good can become a prison” -P. Insel

Compulsive Addiction Shopping

In life, we have lots of ups and downs, and our emotions tend to be all over the place. In order to feel better or escape from an uncomfortable situation an addict seeks a pleasurable high, which in this case is compulsive shopping. Addiction to shopping can be treated as a drug, as it also leads to a pleasurable experience of a “high.” Once they are done shopping, how ever, shopping addicts can experience a deep emotional low, and the unpleasant feelings return as they start to feel ashamed and guilty for acting on an impulse. That is when the behavior is repeated in order to get away from those feelings, and it becomes an addiction as they want to shop over and over again so that the high never ends.

Shopping is something we all do, whether we shop because it is a necessity, or simply because we want to. It has nothing to do with ethnicity, age or gender, and in fact 15 million Americans are addicted to shopping. Even so, shopping can lead to social, psychological, and financial problems.

Some experts link that compulsive shopping has to do with the neglect or the abuse someone experienced during childhood also this compulsion, is associated with eating disorders, depression and bipolar disorder.

A Battle Against Your Own Mind

Marijuana, cocaine, LSD, sound genetic ever since methamphetamine took the center stage. Methamphetamine, known commonly as Meth, crystal, speed, and la glass, is classified as a stimulant, and is three and a half times more powerful than cocaine. It was first discovered by the Japanese scientists, and it was used during the war to keep the solders awake. Inherently, the drug caused the soldiers to experience no need of food, while making them feel full of energy to fight the war. Meth, due to its inexpensive status and long lasting effects, has become the number one drug across the nation.

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Methamphetamine’s effects can be summarized as a combination of hyperactivity gained through cocaine and the hallucinations brought upon by LSD. Meth travels through the blood steam to the limbic system which is the central reward center of pleasured activities. As it travels to the brain, it tricks the brain to release high dosages of dopamine the feel good chemical.

More Dopamine More Pleasure.

As the body fights back the toxin, it shuts down the overloaded neurons of the central nervous system, and brain damage occurs, the person no longer is able to feel pleasure in any normal way. Amongst other drawbacks of methamphetamine use are: tooth decay, psychosomatic disorders, hallucinations, paranoia and eventually as the drug is used over and over again, psychosis.

Painkillers are now one of the most addiction prescription drugs

Fentanyl is the number one prescribed drug that it is used to relief pain after surgery and many people become addicted to it. The ways of consuming this drug is by snorting and smoking.

The second one in line is Oxycodone which comes in a pill form and it can be smoked, injected, or snorted. Another one that made it to our list is Vicodin/hydrocodone. Vicodin is one of the most popular prescribed painkillers but also the most frequently abused. The most prominent example of vicodin abuse is displayed in the famous TV series House M.D. The main character, infamous Dr. Gregory House, consumes vicodin like candy, all in order to relieve the pain caused by his scarred thigh muscle.

There are many painkillers that are being abused and many users have bad withdrawal symptoms. Aside from the withdrawal and the constant crave of the drug, many users end up overdosing as the body becomes more tolerant of the drug and it needs a higher dosage in order to reach the desirable results.

Meth as well as painkillers and over the counter legal and illegal substances can destroy futures and take away your life forever! Many people died indirectly from the hallucinations and delusions they had while intoxicated. Loss of judgment and disconnect with reality can lead people to bad life choices, which eventually end up in death. Others have overdosed in order to get the desirable results from the drug.

Many people like to refer to life as a game we all have to play, and I agree with that, but be smart about how you play the game and remember you are one in a million, so don’t kill yourself! I’ve seen people high and in no control of their brain or actions and there’s nothing fun about it because not only are they in danger but so are you.

Things can turn from good to bad and from bad to worse in couple of minutes and that parent would never see their child walk back in their doorstep or celebrate another birthday, the sibling would be left alone and their loved ones would remain forever with a broken heart that would never heal. I’ve been there when people were pressured to try the drug out of curiosity or just because they want to fit in, I’ve been there when they were encouraged to continue their drug use and I was the one carrying them home, in their most vulnerable and scary moments.

So don’t just walk away from them but instead offer your opinion, help them get help and be there for them because there’s no better feeling than to know that you helped someone literary survive and helped them get better. Let’s help each other and keep one more human alive and away from destruction.


No matter what your beliefs are, your age group is or what ethnicity you are, we are victims of social networking or just internet in general. The famous Facebook has swept the world from underneath us as we all spend countless hours on it without realizing it. I mean c’mon we have our phones connected to Facebook and make sure we get every new feed text messaged to your mobile phone.

Twitter, MySpace and other forms of social networks have pulled us by the nose and introduced us to a new world that we are so blindly addicted to. Aside from the social networking can you guess what else we are so addicted to that we don’t even realize? Our mobile phones! Yes that’s right! You probably even wonder where your mobile phone is as we speak. Having a smart phone in our days is one of those things you must have because you have to always be in touch with others and in touch with the “internet world”.

Have you ever thought how many times you check your mobile to see if you got any text messages, phone calls or just connect to the internet so you can see if you have any notifications from Facebook or just to see what everybody is up to. Also your mobile is a great entertainment since it provides you with the ability to play music, play games, take pictures and watch videos among many other things. So take a second to think how much you’re addicted to your mobile and you’ll see how you depended are on it.

Addictions is an illness and people who are addicts shouldn’t be judged or left alone just because of their addiction. Leaving them would be the same as living someone live with cancer. They are sick and they will slowly die just like a cancer developing and us letting the one who is suffering from it die. If you or someone you know is suffering from any type of addiction and its slowly taking away life, help them seek professional help.