DASH Diet Vegetarian Recipes, Diet Plan

DASH Diet Vegetarian Recipes, Diet Plan, Weight Loss Benefits, and More

Even though this diet is not the main vegetarian diet, there are many people who want to know the DASH diet vegetarian recipes. This diet basically promotes the balanced eating plan for a healthier lifestyle.

The main concept of this diet plan is lowering the blood pressure without using medication at all. According to research and studies, the diet had shown a significant effect when it comes to lowering the blood pressure. Also, anything you eat through this diet is real food, which makes this diet reliable and healthier.

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Weight loss benefits

As we have mentioned earlier, the main purpose of this diet plan is to lower the blood pressure. It makes the weight loss is not the main thing that you will get. But it does not mean that you cannot lose weight while applying this diet plan to your life. Other than that, when you have high blood pressure in your life, you will need to shed some pound to make it stable.

If you want to shed some pounds with this diet, you may also limit your calories intake other than your sodium intake. All you need is balancing the protein, fruits, and veggies. Also, make sure that all you eat is the real food.

The DASH diet plan for vegetarian

Even though this diet plan is not specifically made for vegetarians, the whole point of this diet is not involving the red meat at all. But for those who cannot ban the red meat on their life, they can take the lean cut of red meat once a week. And if you are a vegetarian dieter, we have the sample menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can modify the type of veggies and fruits but make sure you have measured each amount of them.


For the breakfast, you may include one piece of whole wheat bagel along with two tablespoons of peanut butter. Make sure you do not add salt on it. One cup of fat-free milk and one medium orange along with decaffeinated coffee would be enough for your breakfast menu.


When it comes to the lunch menu, you may add several things to your spinach salad. You may need four cups of fresh spinach and one slice of fresh pear. Put 1/3 cup of slivered almonds in it with 2 tablespoons of vinaigrette red wine. To make you feel fuller, take one cup of fat-free milk as well.


For dinner menu, the herb-crusted baked cod would be a tasty dish for sure. It requires 4 ounces of raw cod to make it. You need a half cup of brown rice pilaf along with the veggies, a half cup of fresh green beans that have been steamed, and two teaspoons of olive oil.

Put one cup of fresh berries and chopped mint on the plate. A glass of herbal iced tea would be a nice addition too. You definitely can make a delicious menu with our DASH diet vegetarian recipes and you can even manage the stability of your blood pressure.