How to Stick on Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Diet Plan

How to Stick on Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Diet Plan

When it comes to diabetes and high blood pressure diet plan, you will need to cut back the sodium and sugar intake. Both things have no nutritional value if you add it more than the normal amount. Our body has a tolerated amount of those things and unwanted things could interfere with your life if you add more than your body needs them. In this article, we have the tips to stick on the diet for those who live with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Tips to cut back on sodium intake

The DASH diet will require a low sodium intake to make it happens. By following the diet, you would be more likely lowering your sodium intake as well. In order to reduce the sodium further, you can do several things such as:

  • Use herbs and spices with the sodium-free feature;
  • Add no salt when cooking cereals, pasta, or rice;
  • Rinsing the canned foods to wash away some of its sodium;
  • Buy foods with “no salt added”, “very low sodium”, “low sodium”, or “sodium free” label on it.

The taste might be different when you add less salt or even no salt in your food. But the result is real though. Being healthy is expensive, they say.

Starting the DASH diet

As we always mentioned before, you really do not need to start big because it always makes you overwhelmed. Instead, you need to put a strategy and make a gradual change from time to time. It will give you the actual yet real results. Keep in mind that there is no such magic to make anything happen when it comes to diet plan especially when it has something to do with your health state. So, here are the strategies you may try to get started with this diet plan.

Change gradually

The first step is making a gradual change. The DASH diet plan will include a lot of veggies and fruits. If you only eat one or two servings of veggies or fruits each week, you may need to make it on a daily basis. Increasing veggies, fruits, and whole grains gradually will help to prevent diarrhea and bloating.

Forgive and move on

When you slip-up, do not be on the guilt for too long. Everyone makes mistakes and so do you. If you slip-up, you need to forgive yourself immediately and get back on track. And when you succeed on your milestone, you need to give a reward to yourself. Of course, it should be a non-food treat.

Physical activities

A diet plan would not work if you do not accompany it with a proper physical activity. We will always remind you that it does not have to be an intense one, especially for a starter. You can add a 15-minute walk after lunch or dinner.

Get support if needed

If you find it hard to stick to your diet plan, you may need to seek help. Talk to your physician for the best meal plans you have with your condition. Also, your doctor may give you some tips to stick on diabetes and high blood pressure diet plan.