What Are The Diabetes Symptoms In Women Pregnancy?

What Are The Diabetes Symptoms In Women During Pregnancy?

Diabetes Symptoms In Women do not happen at the most opportune time. Even though men and women have about the same rates of Type 2 Diabetes, women seem to have them much more during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Impaired glucose intolerance is a big issue during the 3rd trimester. This basically means your blood sugar levels don’t respond well to insulin.

One of the things your body does during pregnancy and especially during the 3rd trimester is to ramp up production of insulin from the pancreas. Your body is trying to protect your baby at all costs. Of course this means you are at risk for gestational diabetes.

This happens because your body (placenta) basically refuses to let you have low blood sugar levels. The flip side is it causes symptoms of gestational diabetes for you that can turn into Type 2 Diabetes after pregnancy.

So what are the risk factors for diabetes symptoms in women? Ironically, most women do not have any known risk factors. The most common symptoms for gestational diabetes include:

Having symptoms of gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy
Being overweight or obese before becoming pregnant
Being Asian, Native American, Hispanic or Black
Giving birth to a child who weighed more than 9 pounds
To control or reduce your chances of symptoms of gestational diabetes, particularly during the third trimester, there are things you can do:

  • Try to get as close to your ideal body weight
  • Eat a specific breakfast for diabetics to start the day
  • Manage your calories evenly throughout the day
  • Monitor your sugar level 4 times a day
  • Keep weight gain to a minimum
  • Keep your blood pressure in check

Earlier I mentioned how important it was to have a, “good breakfast for diabetics”. A small study conducted in Canada, found that women who ate low glycemic index foods were able to control their glucose levels better than women who ate high glycemic index foods.

The glycemic index (GI) ranges from 1 to 100. The best numbers to focus on are the lower numbers. The lower the number is the less effect it will have on your sugar levels. Many fruits and vegetables fall into the low GI index category.

Diabetes Symptoms In Women become more pronounced during the second and third trimester. If you are more than 20% above your ideal body weight, lose weight before you get pregnant to have a safe pregnancy.