Mr. Robot Season 2 to Feature How Mr. Robot and Elliot will Reconcile, Bares Showrunner!

Season 2 of the American thriller drama TV series featuring the world of modern-day computer hackers “Mr. Robot” on the USA Network is about to go even darker. That was validated when the network released recently a one-minute trailer of the show expected to premiere in June or July this year.

The opening of the latest trailer of “Mr. Robot” Season 2 is actually reminiscent of the Season 1 pilot episode’s opening sequence where Elliott Alderson, played by Rami Malek, sits on a train and appears to be contemplating.

Elliot then narrates about the idea he had in the first season that the largest corporations in the world dictate the movement and routine of the entire globe. He also believes that the common people or the masses have more power than what these huge corporations think, details the Ecumenical News.

He also thinks that if people want change, they actually have the power to do anything but unfortunately, everyone seems to be blindly following the herd.

Paranoid and delusional

Fans and viewers of the TV series knew during the Season 1 finale that Mr. Robot, played by Christian Slater, is actually just a figment of Elliot’s imagination because his father, who happens to be Mr. Robot himself, died years ago.

Apparently, the existence of Mr. Robot in Elliot’s life was a result of his social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. As such, his thought process is actually being influenced by paranoia and delusion.

Executive producer Sam Esmail revealed during the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January that in addition to Mr. Robot, there are other elements in Elliot’s life that are not real.

In fact, there also speculations that Darlene, Elliot’s sister, could also just be a product of his wild imagination. Esmail refused to say anything about those rumors but he said that Season 2 of “Mr. Robot” would feature how Elliot and Mr. Robot would reconcile. He explained that it would be a question of how Elliot would reconcile with the fact that he has been seeing a delusion or fantasy.

A bold step in its programming

The move of USA Network to air “Mr. Robot” is actually a bold step forward with the kind of original scripted programming that it wants to offer to its viewers. Before “Mr. Robot,” the USA Network is basically known in TV circles for its so-called ‘blue skies programming.’

It was a welcome surprise to viewers especially when the TV series wowed critics and audiences with its serialized storytelling centered on an extremely unreliable narrator in Elliot Alderson, cites Screen Rant.

Also being lauded is the stunning but slightly unorthodox cinematography of “Mr. Robot” which eventually became the TV series’ visual signature.

Incidentally, Esmail shall also be directing all 10 episode of Season 2 of “Mr. Robot,” which shall double down on the series’ problematic protagonists.

The latest trailer for Season 2 of “Mr. Robot” is actually a call to action, through the Fsociety, for those tired of being under the thumb of Evil Corporation.

The preview demonstrates what a definitive grasp the show has on its character and his unique, fractured world view. While there is no reason to believe Elliot’s words, they appear to be exciting nonetheless.

mr robot

Esmail, in a recent interview, said that the events of Season 1 of “Mr. Robot” were relatively lighter compared to what will happen in the upcoming second season, to premiere on the USA Network in June or July.

He said that apart from being really dark, things will also be tougher for the main characters of the TV series including Elliot.

Rami Malek also confirmed the show creator’s pronouncement by saying in another interview that things will be tougher for his character in the next season because he will be doing something that he has never done in the past.

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