Nepal’s fuel crisis will push almost a million people into poverty

Nepalese youths holding placards take part in a movement demanding the government to act against the ongoing fuel and cooking gas shortages in KathmanduBy Gopal Sharma JHOR, Nepal (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – With a large cone-shaped bamboo basket strapped to her back, Nirmala Bhandari treks two hours every day from her village to a protected forest in the hills, heaving it back filled with enough firewood to cook food for her three children. Despite knowing timber collection in this forest is illegal and wood stoves cause deadly indoor pollution, the 35-year-old widow says she has no choice since a shortage of cooking gas hit Nepal more than two months ago. "My children and I spent three days outside a fuel shop for cooking gas but did not get any," she said in a village in Jhor, 12 km (7 miles) from Kathmandu.

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