Stealth bombs? Killer plagues? Don’t panic, just follow the money | Simon Jenkins

Politicians and scientists have a vested interest in propagating panic: it’s the one superbug there’s no known antidote for

Now it is planes falling from the sky. On Tuesday it was "superbugs threaten return to dark ages". At the weekend it was internet thought-control menace. Last week we had killer fruit juice. The edifice of fear knows no limits, its apparatchiks know no shame.

Had the Guardian leaked yesterday’s story from the US about a "stealth bomb alert" at world airports, it would have been accused of traitorously warning terrorists that the authorities were on to their new weapons. Unnamed officials were asserting "a global threat environment" related to plastic explosives hidden in body cavities and tested in Syria. Details of the cells responsible were traced by the BBC to the rightwing American Cato Institute and David Cameron’s office confirmed "there are terror organisations that seek to do the UK, its citizens and its allies harm". I am sure but why tell us now?

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