Top 10 Home Remedies for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, known as manic-depressive disorder too, is one type of mental illness where frequent swings of mood are experienced by a person. The person might be either happy overwhelmingly or in dumps. Both women and men are likely to be ill with this disease in equivalent probability. Generally doctors prescribe medications although top #home remedies are there some of which would be discussed here. For appropriate guidance surely consult one qualified medical herbalist or naturopath.

1-Balanced Diet

Eat healthy and stay healthy. Observe that your illness is triggered by which food and strike off it from your diet. Steer clear of consuming artificial sweeteners which may intensify the mood swings of this disorder. Most importantly, ensure following a routine for keeping your mind engaged and yourself busy, exercise and sleep well.

2-Massage Therapy

It relieves depression, stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation thereby helping to treat bipolar disorder. It also has an effect on neurotransmitters and hormones.
 Consider ayurvedic procedures such as panchakarma #treatment and the therapy of oil stream or shirodhara performed by a specialist for a relaxing and calming upshot or acupuncture.

 You might also go for a regular body massage in which traditional techniques of massage are used. Getting your massage done by an expert masseur is the most excellent way out.

Warning: The massaging therapy is not recommendable for those patients of bipolar disorder who are unbalanced.

3-Maintaining Diary

For the treatment of bipolar disorder, there is the necessity of controlling hormones by bringing your slight dietary changes, removing toxins, identifying food allergies and conditioning yourself. Diary maintenance would definitely help you prevent manic episodes.

4-B Vitamins

These vitamins are able to be useful for those affected by bipolar disorder as they help in mood regulation. Vitamins B12, B9, B6 and B1 are specifically vital because of their ability to reduce symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, depression, irritability and anxiety.

The deficiency of vitamin B12 or cobalamin is linked with fatiguing, depressing, psychotic, irritable and manic symptoms and is required to manufacture certain neurotransmitters.

Vitamin B9, popularly called folic acid critically maintains the synthesis of key chemicals of your brain and proper function of the brain.

Vitamin B6, known as pyridoxine too aids in combating irritability.

Vitamin B1 called thiamin also, improves the circulation of blood in body and brain.

 You can eat more foods rich in B vitamins such as soy products, leafy greens, whole

 As these vitamins work in togetherness, taking a supplement of vitamin B-complex grains, fortified cereals, eggs and milk. having the proper proportion of various B vitamins is the best option for you.


It works similarly as lithium but has fewer risks of health. Besides lessening the manic symptoms, it balances the mood too. The levels of magnesium are depleted naturally during the periods of hard work and stress. Good sleep is also promoted by it. In fact, often the deficiency of magnesium leads to anxiety and insomnia.

 In the diet of yours include foods rich in magnesium like black beans, soybeans,
cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Swiss chard and spinach.

 You can take too the oral supplements of magnesium.

Bipolar Disorder

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It plays the role of a tonic for your nerve for improving disorder symptoms. It was found out by a 2013 study of Pittsburgh University that sensorial- an ashwagandha ingredient is capable to improve three separate functions of cognition in the sufferers of bipolar disorder due to its ability to help with social cognition, reaction time and working memory of audibility and verbalization of those persons.

 Consume five hundred mg of Ashwagandha standardized leaf and root extract
everyday for some weeks.


Bacopa or brahmi is one more useful herb to manage bipolar disorder as it works as one mild stimulant and sedative as well. It relieves your mental strain and enhances memory too.

 Massaging your head in an invigorative manner with the oil of brahmi is beneficial.

 Ingest this herb in the form of a supplement. Consult your physician for the right dosage.

 Optionally, drink few teaspoon brahmi leaf extracted juice daily for a certain time period.

 Alternatively you can eat the brahmi ghee made by frying the leaves of brahmi in ghee or clarified butter.

8-Licorice Powder

Mix licorice powder with water and boil the mixture on medium flame in order to prepare an extract. Drinking one cup of this concoction each day produces active and essential hormones in your brain. Moreover, it calms down one’s nervous system. Used mainly by homeopaths for treating stomach disorders and indigestion, this powder is at present popular. Now it is also used for the treatment of people distressed with the syndrome of chronic bipolarity.

9-Oil of Flax Seed

Its usage helps to battle with depression and therefore used for the management of bipolar disorder induced by depression. Blend a few flax seed grains while you make hot rotis. In addition to relaxing your nerves, it improves the Indian bread flavor also. As an alternative you might choose to have flax seed oil in empty stomach which is known as another most effective home remedy in dealing with bipolar disorder.

10-St. John’s Wort

It is one herbal antidepressant that has gained popularity for its help in treating mild as well as moderate depression. This herb has the power to influence different brain chemicals too. Nonetheless, the patients of bipolar disorder need to take the herb after taking the advice of a doctor only since it may trigger mania. Furthermore, it has the tendency of interacting with a huge number of prescribed medications.

11-Fish Oil

For its richness in fatty acids named omega-3, fish oil is useful in treating bipolar disorder. It helps in overcoming depression and improves brain functionality. Its docosahexaenoic acid or DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA content is crucial for the health of nerve tissue and hormone production.

Hence, regularly ingest fatty fish like trout, herring, salmon, mackerel and albacore tuna they being rich in fatty acids of omega-3.

While these easy remedies can help certainly in the curing bipolar disorder, understanding that several reactions are afar the control of the patient and not losing patience on part of the people around the patient hold significance. To act as a well-built support system is no less important than the very treatment and would help the patients recover faster.

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