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Thyroid and Homeopathy


The thyroid gland is located just near the voice box and is instrumental in synthesizing and releasing thyroid hormones. These thyroid hormones have an effect on practically every internal bodily activity. Abnormal thyroid conditions include hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid that produces inadequate hormones) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid producing more hormones than are good for […]

Improved healthcare delivery models across Africa transform industry


Improved healthcare delivery models across Africa transform industry. The pharmaceutical industry, followed closely by healthcare information technology (IT), in Africa is predicted to experience substantial growth in 2016. A host of factors are anticipated to have a positive effect on the African healthcare industry. Increased investment in both the pharmaceutical and healthcare IT sectors will […]

Welcome New Members

Welcome new Irish Chamber members! Be sure to look out for new members at upcoming events. They will have maroon ribbons on their name tags. Individual Members – Frank McGee, The McGee Group LLC – Joseph E. Vaughan, Esq., O’Hagan LLC – Kathy Bellwoar, PPT Consulting LLC – Ed Waters, Island Networks, Inc. – Carl Cherkin, The Philadelphia Union […]

Goodbye Dave: Letting Go of the Story of Me


image from wikipedia, creative commons CC-BY-2.0Relax, no, I’m not suffering from a terminal illness, or contemplating suicide, or stopping blogging. What I’m doing is looking critically at the Story of Me, and acknowledging that it is just that — a story, a creative fiction, an invention. I’m doing so because I realize that over the […]

Alaska Regulates Sale of Dextromethorphan Products to Adults, Requires Prescription for Persons Under 18 Years of Age

The sale of products containing dextromethorphan in Alaska is restricted to individuals 18 years of age or older under a new law. NABP Newsroom

Illegal Online Drug Outlets Pose Health and Financial Risks to Older Adults; New Campaign Offers Tips to Avoid Rogue Websites

Low prices and the convenience of shopping online are two driving factors for buying medications on the Internet, making older Americans easy targets for rogue entities illegally distributing medications online. NABP Newsroom

#SBP Prostate Cancer Researcher Battles Prostate Cancer for a Second Time, and Has a Message for Men Under 50


Newswise: MedNews

Rush University Medical Center and Rush-Copley Enhance Academic Medicine in Western Suburbs

Chicago, IL –­­ Rush University Medical Center and Rush-Copley Medical Center announced today they intend to redefine their existing relationship to expand academic medicine in Chicago’s western suburbs. Under their common parent, Rush University Medical Center and Rush-Copley will fully integrate clinical, research, education and community priorities. Newswise: MedNews

USPSTF Colorectal Cancer Screening Recommendations Are a Victory for Patients

Final United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) colorectal cancer screening recommendations assigned an “A” grade to colorectal cancer (CRC) screening in those ages 50-75 years and provided a list of recognized screening exams. Newswise: MedNews

Mental Health: How the Pardes Prize Is Making a Difference


Suicide is among the top ten causes of death in the U.S. One in four people worldwide suffer from some type of mental illness. Two-thirds of them do not get the treatment they need. We are faced with mass shootings, a rise in heroin addiction, young people lured into terrorist groups, veterans suffering with PTSD, […]

Pharmaceutical Stocks


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