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Trump stands by remarks on Charlottesville: 'George Washington was a slave owner'


Trump had a heated debate with reporters over the violence that took place in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend and said there was “blame on both sides.”

As neo-Nazis grow bolder, the 'antifa' has emerged to fight them

Deadly violence outside a rally in Virginia this past weekend has raised concerns about white supremacists, but also about their far-left opponents, the antifa.

Trump declares ‘racism is evil’ and denounces neo-Nazis, KKK


After coming under fire for not naming the hate groups involved in violent protests in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend, President Trump delivered a statement from the White House on Monday explicitly condemning them.

White House pushes back against criticism of Trump’s Charlottesville response


After the president’s initial remarks about Saturday’s violence were criticized as too vague, the White House issued a follow-up Sunday.

Republicans — and Democrats — call for Trump to denounce white supremacists after Charlottesville death


Officials from both parties said President Trump’s response to the Charlottesville violence did not go far enough in opposing white supremacists and right wing extremism.

Trump Under Fire for Blaming Violence on ‘Many Sides’ in Virginia

President Trump’s comments sparked a backlash among Democrats, and several Republicans, for failing to single out the white nationalists who organized the rally in Charlottesville.

Even on vacation, Trump sows confusion about his foreign policy

It’s been a week of walk backs from the White House after President Trump took questions from reporters at his golf club in New Jersey about sensitive foreign policy issues.

Trump warns N. Korea it would 'regret' threatening U.S.

President Trump on Friday warned that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un would “regret it fast” if he made any threats against the United States.

Frustrated McCain unveils his own Afghanistan strategy

“We must face facts: We are losing in Afghanistan, and time is of the essence if we intend to turn the tide,” the Arizona Republican said in a statement.

Trump hits back at McConnell for 'excessive expectations' complaint


Comments by a Trump aide and Fox News host Sean Hannity, a Trump ally, highlight tensions between the White House and the Senate as it takes a four-week recess.

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