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Fact or Myth: Can Lucid Dreaming Help You Heal?


This is FACT. Our bodies are finely tuned machines that operate with precision and purpose, and the process of dreaming is no exception. Dreams are a reflection of how we perceive the circumstances of our lives…of how we are registering external experiences internally. That’s why dreams are such a meaty topic of analysis for psychotherapists, […]

Are you talking to me? New research shows attention shapes social behaviours


Illustrative confederate actions. Final hand positions for the conditions in which the confederate raised his hand to answer a phone (top) or wave (bottom), with eyes positionedeither straight ahead (left) or tracking the passing pedestrians (right) New research out of the Department of Psychology is the first to show that covert attention, such as paying […]

Autism Recovery in ACTION Nourishing Hope & Generation Rescue


Julie Matthews is so excited to be speaking at the Generation Rescue autism conference later this month in Dallas – that’s she’s giving away $700 worth of her educational products to every family in attendance. The Autism Education Summit informs parents and doctors that autism is a physiological condition; that the entire body is affected, […]

June Peacemaker Spotlight: Q&A with Quentin Vennie


This month’s featured Peacemaker is Quentin Vennie. He is a writer, speaker, wellness expert and author of the forthcoming memoir The Hardest Truth (Rodale, 2017). He continues to share his experiences growing up in Baltimore, the impact poverty has had on his life, and how he overcame addiction, an anxiety disorder, and depression using his […]

Cash shortage for special educational needs support


Image copyrightThinkstock Schools in England are struggling to support the 1.1 million pupils with special needs or disabilities (SEND) in mainstream classrooms, a report says. A survey of 1,100 school leaders found delays to assessments, insufficient budgets and cuts to local authorities were hampering the ability to cope. The study by The Key, which provides […]

Bullying, Fear, And The Full Moon (Part One)


This article, Bullying, Fear, And The Full Moon (Part One), first appeared on LIFE AS A HUMAN.

Kimberly McCreighs OUTLIERS Reviewed


OutliersKimberly McCreighHarper CollinsMay 3rd, 2016 Outliers by Kimberly McCreight is the first in a series for young adults. Having changed gears from writing mysteries for adults she still maintains, in the first part of the book, her ability to draw out the different relationships between characters, including the bond between a mother and daughter. The […]

Mr. Robot Season 2 to Feature How Mr. Robot and Elliot will Reconcile, Bares Showrunner!


Season 2 of the American thriller drama TV series featuring the world of modern-day computer hackers “Mr. Robot” on the USA Network is about to go even darker. That was validated when the network released recently a one-minute trailer of the show expected to premiere in June or July this year. The opening of the […]

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