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Study Shows Changes in Brain Activity After Mindfulness Therapy


CINCINNATI–Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric conditions affecting children and adolescents. While antidepressants are frequently used to treat youth with anxiety disorders, sometimes, antidepressants may be poorly tolerated in children who are at high risk of developing bipolar disorder. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) are studying how cognitive therapy that uses […]

Top 10 Home Remedies for Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder, known as manic-depressive disorder too, is one type of mental illness where frequent swings of mood are experienced by a person. The person might be either happy overwhelmingly or in dumps. Both women and men are likely to be ill with this disease in equivalent probability. Generally doctors prescribe medications although top #home […]

Mood disorders associated with biorhythm


A major medical condition closely related to ones biorhythm is bipolar disorder. The disease is characterized by repeated episodes of depression and manic periods. Compared to the manic phase, when the person is very active, in a good mood and full of confidence, the depressive phase tends to last for longer periods. Of course, the […]

Significant link between cannabis use and onset of mania symptoms

In a paper published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, mental health researchers from Warwick Medical School carried out a review of scientific literature examining the effect of cannabis use. The literature sampled 2,391 individuals who had experienced mania symptoms. Mania symptoms are part of bipolar disorder and can include feelings of persistent elation, heightened […]

How Do I Know if I Need Bipolar Disorder Treatment?


Bipolar Disorder treatment can save lives. Because its symptoms can be mistaken by individuals suffering from it as just a serious form of depression, they may not get the appropriate treatment they require to get better. This can lead to years of struggles with potentially debilitating mental health issues, which can affect their whole livelihood, […]

Combination Treatments In Relation To Illness Subtype And Illness Phase

Contents 1 Illness Subtype 2 Phases of Illness 3 Related Posts The evolution of polypharmacological treatment initiated in an acute phase of illness will depend upon the context of the presentation. Use of more than one medication in a first manic presentation may arise from the need to control a combination of agitation, possible psychotic […]

The Warning Signs of Depression and Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder causes intense feelings that may range from invincibility and excitement to sadness and worthlessness It may be normal to feel extremely energized or even tired and sad as long as the feelings last for a short time. For people who feel intense emotional highs and lows for long periods of time, some form […]

Missouri Foster Children Given Higher Amounts of Psychiatric Drugs

Numbers defined life in Missouris foster care system for 15-year-old Mohannad. Nineteen psychologists. Five psychiatrists. Eleven different drugs. Six foster homes. Five hospitalizations. His seven years in foster care are chronicled in a pile of medical records more than a foot thick. The pages are wrinkled from sitting in a damp garage, the edges stained […]

Brain scans couple frontal abnormalities to suicidal behaviors in adolescents, immature adults

Abnormalities in a prefrontal cortex and compared mind areas are celebrated in teenagers who have attempted suicide, according to a news currently during a American College of Neuropsychopharmacology annual assembly in Phoenix Arizona. The investigate suggests that deficits in frontal systems might be compared with risk for self-murder attempts in youths with mood disorders. Most […]

Phone App to Help Combat Bipolar Disorder

In our technologically savvy world, phone apps like Siri designed to detect ones speech are commonplace. These speech recognition tools tend to be used for everyday living, in such tasks as locating a restaurant. But what if these apps were taken a step further and used to aid those suffering from mental illness? University of […]

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