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Anaheim Manufacturing Company recalls various Waste King Garbage Disposals


A metal component inside the garbage disposal can break off and come out of the disposal during use, posing an impact hazard.

‘Organs-on-Chips’ Technology: FDA Testing Groundbreaking Science


By: Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. There are many things you might envision putting on a chip. It’s unlikely that a human organ is one of them. But creating human organ systems in miniature on micro-engineered chips about the size of a AA battery is a revolutionary testing technology that has captured the attention of food scientists […]

Hospital Beds – Risk of Patient Entrapment

TAHA International Inc. recalls Shakeel Bhai Mehandi Waley – Bridal Special Henna Cone


The recalled product contains phenol which is a prohibited Hotlist ingredient. Phenolic compounds are known as skin sensitizer and can produce chemical burns (corrosive action) to the skin.

PRISM Identifies Vaccine Safety Issues


By: Azadeh Shoaibi, Ph.D., M.H.S. The word “prism” might make you think of a triangular piece of glass that separates white light into a rainbow of colors. But at FDA, it means a powerful, computer-based system that separates critical bits of information from vast streams of healthcare data in order to investigate adverse events and […]

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited recalls Mastercraft 2-in-1 Nailer


The casting that attaches the exhaust port to the hand tool may break causing the exhaust port to detach, posing a risk of injury.

A Shocking “Exercize”


By: Suzanne Junod, Ph.D., and John Swann, Ph.D. Suzanne Junod, Ph.D., and John Swann, Ph.D., holding FDA artifacts. In this second installment of FDA’s new history video series, the FDA’s historians venture into the “vault” to explore the Relaxacizor, originally sold in beauty salons as a device that stimulated and relaxed muscles, but subsequently marketed […]

Chromag Bikes recalls Chromag bicycle stems


Bolts with a ‘Z’ marked inside the bolt head used on certain bicycle stems may be prone to premature breaking when tightened, causing a fall and injury hazard.

CTG Brands Inc. recalls Various Kool Charmz Interchangeable Charms


Health Canada’s sampling and evaluation program has revealed that the recalled jewellery contains lead in excess of allowable limits.

humangear inc. recalls capCAP bottle caps


The updated capCAP product may begin to leak, dislodge, or pop off when the bottle is filled with hot liquids posing a burn hazard.

Pharmaceutical Stocks


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